SDG Logistics Park Limited always strives to offer the best quality products to its customers that is ensured with safe and state of the art packaging. A strict observation is performed by our expert staff during the entire process of packaging. Sampling and filtration has been done with great care and according to the specification of the customer so as to meet the worldwide standards.

We pack our products as per the weight of the item. There are various durable packaging are available with us that are generally used to pack the commodities as per the volume required by the customer. However, we also do custom packaging for special and bulk orders.

We also custom design packaging as per the customer’s requirements. If the customers want their brand name on the packaging, we are here to do it for them.

Commodities or products packed in the aforementioned packaging have been tested and processed with world-class technologies ensuring the freshness when taken out.

For further enquiries feel free to contact us at our customer support cell.

Following is the list of packaging we use:

  • PE packaging

    This is basically the polythene packaging that we generally use to pack the products while importing.. There are different varieties in PE i.e. regular polythene, nitrogen laminated and with punched out handle. Due to its durability, PE is the most commonly used material at S.H Agro India.

  • PP packaging

    PP is the kind of plastic packaging that is slightly harder than the regular polythene. Like polythene packaging, PP also has different varieties like coated PP, with inner plastic PE and plastic handle and coated PP with punched out handle.

  • Jute bag

    This packaging is made of natural material jute, but with inside layer of polythene to keep the product fresher inside.

  • Outer packaging

    While exporting the goods we use highly durable yet lighter out packaging such as paper carton or PP outer bags. These kinds of outer packaging have been used to keep the number of bags in a single packaging for easier delivery.

  • Non-Woven Bags

    We at SDG Logistics Park Limited also use non-woven bags for the packaging of exported products. These bags are extremely durable and possess high strength.

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